Describe What Montessori Meant by’ New Education’ Essay

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v Describe what Montessori meant by’ New Education’

Dr. Maria Montessori is the creator for the Montessori Education Method for a new world who devoted her life to improve children’s education excellence. Her educational method is widely used in schools or at home for children 3 t0 6 years old. Maria Montessori lived through one of the traumatic time eras of the world history, which changed everybody’s lives including children. It was the time of anxiety, cruelty, death, family separation and children facing starvation. Maria Montessori felt the best solution to overcome endless, war, violence and poverty is education. Therefore, Maria Montessori believed educating the next generation will improve children’s live and future of the
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They will learn spontaneously by exploring their environment using their senses the just same way they taught themselves naturally to walk and talk. “Education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”, (Education for New World, Chapter 1, Pg.2)

Montessori discovered that the child has a creative intelligence that exists in his unconscious mental stage. There are different developmental changes children go through. They develop in the same order that are extraordinary and the progress in their own rhythm. These periods are from birth to six years of age. Through Maria Montessori’s observation she noticed that despite of the different period of a child’s development, the type of the mind is the same. She noticed that, at this stage, the child is naturally endowed with a different unique power. A child will be able to learn from birth, they can hear smell, taste, see and feel. By using their senses, the child explores and experiments the things going on around him that will guide his learning processes and shapes himself for the future.

Maria Montessori felt parents and teachers should understand how a child’s mind works before educating him. There is no point forcing a child to study in the way that’s suitable to an adult mind because it won’t make any