Describe Your Business Concept In A Maximum Of Three Forms Of A Business Process

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Venture Report First Draft
Share the following information about your potential company. To earn full credit, add your answers to each section of this template.
Describe your business concept in a maximum of three sentences based on
Project Four
My business concept is that of helping couples and companies plan events Dream
Event company plans events. We manage , and take over the stressful details that go into planning such events. I specialize in a variety of events ranging from wedding receptions to birthday parties. By handling all of the small details for my clients, it allows them to focus on the other aspects of the event that are deemed the most important to them.

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Name one major benefit of your product or service.
A major benefit of our service is assisting couples and businesses in planning their dream event, or specific event targeted at a specific purpose
(ex. Birthday, retirement, wedding reception, etc.) This is a fairly generic description – what makes you better than other companies who offer same services. 5/5
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State one of the following that is applicable:

I believe that I have sustainable competitive advantage.There are many event planning companies so you have a lot of competition and it is tough.

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Who will buy your product or service and why will they buy it among other similar offers
My clients are typically those who are in corporations, businesses, and those planning a wedding event.
They will buy my services rather than services of other similar offers because
I am flexible in the timeframe I am given to complete an event, and I work with any budget, large or small.