Describe at least two benefits if using enterprise systems. Essay

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Describe at least two benefits if using enterprise systems.

Enterprise system is an integrated enterprise-wide information system that coordinates key internal processes of the firm. Set of integrated modules for applications such as sales and distribution, financial accounting, investment management, materials management, production planning, plant maintenance, and human resources that allow data to be used by multiple functions and business processes.

Enterprise systems also commonly known as ES are comprehensive, large scale application-software packages, which support processes, reporting, data analysis and information flows. The common central database collects data from and feeds the data into numerous
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It is the software that helps you to have close monitor of the management.

3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): The main function of ERP is to combine all functional areas that would be easily accessible to all the employees of the enterprise.

There are many benefits of employing an enterprise system in an organization. Some of these benefits include:

1. Integrated organizational system. Enterprise systems help to create a more uniform organizational culture where everyone uses similar type of processes and information to do business, leading to a development of an integrated system within the organization and resulting in improved efficiency.

2. Incorporation of best practices. The establishment of the enterprise systems in an organization results in the incorporation of best industry practices, leading to an overall improvement in the working of the organization.

3. Flow of information. There is proper sharing of information across all departments of an organization, leading to improved interdepartmental communication and better employee performance.

4. Improve the quality and efficiency of customer service, production and distribution. By having access to requisite information, the workflow improves, resulting in on-time delivery of desired goods and services to the customers. The result is improved quality and reduced delivery times help in