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Animal Shelters
Imagine being abandoned by your own family, left to suffer with little to no food, water or shelter. How would you feel? Would you still think positively about humans? This is what hundreds to thousands of animals go through every single day. Animal neglect and overbreeding is an increasing concern among many pet owners in our local community, it is therefore necessary that more funding goes toward improving animal shelters.
Hello Ms. Herbet, fellow students and members of the Lockyer valley council.
An animal shelter is a place where stray animals are put into dedicated enclosures until their owners claim them, they are sold to cover the cost of their stay or they are euthanised. Every year, hundreds to thousands of animals are placed in shelters or left on the streets, with an uncertain future and a very high chance of never being relocated. Between 2012 and 2013, 32 606 animals in Queensland were placed in shelters, 12 926 of these animals were euthanised. Animals are often called our best friends, with over one in four Australian homes including an animal. Yet it has come to many people’s attention, myself included, that not every one of these animals belong to a loving home.
Every year, healthy and loving animals end up in shelters due to overbreeding and their owners neglecting them. Health problems associated with animals is generally caused by overbreeding. Animals may be bred primarily to match a show standard, or to produce a significant number of a popular breed for the pet trade. Any animal produced from a breeder kills every shelter animal’s likelihood of finding a sweet, secure, and safe home. Three in four neglected animals are killed nationwide due to lack of room in shelters. Why is it that an animal is denied a second chance at a long and happy life because of the lack of room in a shelter? What would happen is hospitals started denying people entry due to lack of room? The council would not allow it.
Most shelters are very tight on resources, including human resources. Animals are usually treated humanely, although their stay is by no means a good one. It’s a very stressful environment and animals may or may not be walked. It is usually the volunteers that do the walking as the staff are too busy. The staff do the best they can, but it is hard. Of course some animals are euthanised, that’s not something that can really be avoided. On rare occasions, where a shelter is shut down it is a result of neglect to animals or even cruelty but that is very rare for the amount of animals shelters there are and it is a pretty clear problem when it does occur.
Animals in shelters are euthanised because they are…