A Night On Bourbon Street

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Ivan Duong
English 101-006
A Night on Bourbon Street On Bourbon Street, a definite stale urine and vomit odor that fills in nostrils. It is not the cleanest place in the world, but it is a phenomenal place to party. Bourbon Street is such a unique vicinity, with five star restaurants, electrifying night clubs, antique hotels, and even sophisticated strip clubs located in the same proximity. There are no other party places that could compare to Bourbon Street, because individuals can walk up and down the street with open alcohol beverages without being illegal. Many people on Bourbon typically are over intoxicated and grasp various types of cocktails in their hands. The most popular alcoholic beverage people have in their possession is in a green plastic flask labeled “Hand Grenade” in black bold letters connected to a grenade figure on the bottom. The grenade figure has a human resemblance, including a black pair of oval eyes and an open black-shaded mouth. There are a handful of bars on Bourbon that sell the Hand Grenades, but many customers say the Tropical Isle Bar is the best. Its eyes catching sign has a light-emitting diode with two green tree emblems on each side and “Tropical Isle” labeled in red. Inside the place is intriguing because some patrons’ clothes will glow in the dark. Five bartenders consistently mix drinks because of the immerse demand for Hand Grenades, which have an amazing smooth flavor of sweet melon. It does not taste strong at all, but there are one and a half shots each of Gin, Vodka, and Rum in it. The atmosphere of Bourbon Street is wild. People are having a good time despite the smell. The street is full of beer bottles and vomit covering the ground and walls. Police officers are on horseback patrolling up and down the street. Lacking clothing, strippers are outside trying to lure customers in to the bar. Many drunk ladies walk the street, flashing their boobs to receive beads from the over intoxicated people on hotel balcony. The beads are traditional object people wear when individuals are on Bourbon. Approximately fifty feet away, many purple, blue, baby blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink flags hanging on top of the ceiling. There is a theory that the flags represent gay pride. Further down the street is a group of guys that look like girls. The transvestites are dressed more inappropriately than some females. One of them is wearing a short flower skirt that is up to his behind and high heels that are closing in on one foot high. The transvestites’ hair is past their shoulders, and their face is covered up with ounces, not dabs, of makeup. A few steps ahead is a club called Razzoo, their favorite watering hole. Despite the trannies, Razzoo is highly recommended because it is the most electrifying night club on Bourbon Street. It is humongous and is so crowded that