Case Study On Romeo And Juliet

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I think that Romeos need better staff in better position because they all in one place and that’s the counter taking orders (see appendix 9). This is bad because the customers asking for plates to be taken should not be asking, The staff should automatically see if any plates are needed to be taken or any extra food they would want to order. This helps the business because it shows that the staffs are alert at all times and that they know a lot and very good thinking without customers asking they take the order or take the plates.
I think that Romeos location is not very ideal because it is on the same road with 6 other restraunt (mumtaz, anams, Mahmoud’s, bharat, Lahore’s and ice stone) if you have got a business you would like it to be well further away from the same type of businesses you have. This is bad because the customers coming up the road might look at the other restraunt and see they knew deal compare it to Romeos and then go to the other restraunt instead of Romeos this loses a lot of customers that’s why you would rather have your business in a location where there not many competition on the same road as you. This helps the business because it stops the customers getting distracted from other restraunt (see appendix 10).
I think that Romeos competitions have a much better websites than Romeos do they are more interesting with great designs as easy to get on the menu section another thing you can order from the website unlike Romeos you cannot even order from home. This bad because the way website is people think same with the restraunt that why you will end up losing a lot of customers also if your enemy’s are doing it and it is working then Romeos should try it as well. Having a really good website is helps because it convinces people from all around the world to come and try the food and a lot of customers and more money (see appendix 11)
I think that inside Romeos have too less space and that it is too tight and people need space to chat specially if business men are coming in it does not look good if customers are coming and they want to have a private chat but the right next to someone else this should not be happening. This is bad because that it so crampt and uncomfortable and restraunt are supposed to be comfortable this will also lose a lot of customers that why they need an extension (see appendix 12). This helps because it makes people feel at home and much more comfortable to chat in private. Also if you bring a lot of people with you do not want you all be squashed. Recommendation