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My sleep was interrupted by two distinct screech’s as the Boeing's tires made initial contact with the airstrip. Those screeches marked the end of a 26 hour journey to the other side of the world. As our plane touched down the I felt a sense of excitement that surged through my veins, this was the first time I had ever been to another country in my life. I had no idea what to expect. I quickly unbuckled my seatbelt, as the pilot announced over the intercom, that we had safely arrived in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. I took my first steps off the plane and headed inside the airport. We waited in line to receive our luggage on the conveyer belt. When we received the luggage the headed outside and we were welcomed by my aunt and uncle they greeted me with a huge smile, they instantly made me feel welcome. They lead me to their car which was a gold colored Mercedes mini van. I loaded my suitcase into the car and we started the drive back to the house. I was shocked at the constant stop and go traffic and how there were no traffic lights. The traffic as well as the honking seemed never ending from sunset to sunrise. Here in Vietnam everyone drives scooters and bicycles. For every car in the states there are 5 scooters and every motorcycle there is one car. As the days went by I quickly realized there was a subtile ebb and flow in the traffic in the whole month I spent Vietnam I didn't witness a single crash. Back home in Florida I see a crash every other day.

About fifteen minutes later I safely arrive at my uncles house, the first floor looked like a lobby of the Fontaine Bleau! My uncle leads me to my room on the second floor. He then leaves me to unpack. I couldn't help but to notice that there were more stairs after my floor. I leave my luggage behind and climb the stairs I then end up on the third floor where but there were more stairs I continued to climb and then i reach the fourth floor. There was more stairs as I continued my climb to find an open door leading to the roof top. There were so many unfamiliar smells, and sounds. Up here everything seems to slow down and all your senses become engaged you really can soak in the environment.

You will never go hungry in Vietnam as long as you have a few dollars in your pocket. Back in the states if you were hungry and you had 2 dollars all you could afford is greasy, nasty fast food burger of taco from toxic hell. Here Vietnam will treat you right. Every corner was a small stainless steel cart serving up home made foods, or a small cafe with small plastic chairs no taller than your knee cap. The chairs aren't the most comfortable but thats not what Vietnamese cuisine is known for. Vietnamese cuisine is known for its fresh, vibrant and flavorful dishes. What really sets Vietnamese cuisine apart is the condiments and how each dish will have up to 5 quintessential sides that bring each dish to another level. My choice for lunch was Banh Xeo a direct descendant of the French crepe left from the French colonial days. Eleven out of ten Vietnamese people love Banh Xeo. The word Banh means bread and Xeo is the sizzling sound