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I have traveled all over the world and the place that impressed me the most was "Kenya". This State is located in East Africa; the capital and largest city is Nairobia. I was interested by her major national parck zoologic. Kenya enjoys a tropical climate. It is hot and humid at the coast, temperate inland and very dry in the north and northeast parts of the country. A few years back, i went in Kenya and went by driving in Amboseli National Park. The park is not a place that was created and had animals brought in. It is an entirely natural setting where the animals can be observed in their own habitat. I saw and photographed lions, elephants, rhinos,cheetahs, water buffalo,giraffes, wildebeest, zebra, many many monkeys and assorted antelope. When out in the plains (Serenghetti), you can literally see for miles on a 360 degree basis. Toward the end of the safari, I took a side trip to "Lake Victoria where I had breakfast on beauItiful grounds overlooking the lake. Afterward, I went fishing for 100 lb. "Nile Perch". If you love nature and the outdoors, this is where you want to be. WHATA PLACE! This was my best trip ever, and I enjoyed it so much that i am going to South Africa next year. If you can’t swing Africa, Alaska would be a good second choice because of "Denali National Park". The climate in most of Kenya is that of desert type, therefore meaning very less rain and hence deserts are created. Except from the coast and the Western Kenya the rest of the Country is completely dry. The arid North of Kenya is the perfect wilderness for adventure seekers looking to get away from it all. The deserts in Kenya are very remote, sparsely populated and completely wild. For tourists there is alot to discover such as plainlands, mountains, high forest oases and river systems that attract a rich variety of game.The deserts are the ideal destination for a real wildlife adventure. There are two deserts found in Kenya known as Maralal and Marsabit respectively.There are many attractives historical sites. The Bomas of Kenya are found in the Nairobi suburb of Langata. A Boma is a traditional homestead. The Bomas of Kenya were originally an attempt to create a living museum of indigenous Kenyan life with a display of eleven traditional homesteads andan emphasis on regional dances.The place always had a heavily touristy feel, there is a huge indoor amphitectural where programs based on traditional dances of different tribes in Kenya are performed. Its vitality is channelled mainly into souvenir-selling. The dancers finish with a lively display of acrobatics and tumbling. There is also an open air museum showing the different lifestyles of each tribe. The show begins at 1430 hrs. In case you are looking to fill an afternoon or you want a change from the National Park, they can be enjoyable enough, particularly on weekends when they are crowded and a disco follows the dance show. Surprisingly, perhaps, the dances are not performed by the appropriate Kenyan nationalities, instead the Harambee Dancers do fast custome changes between acts and present the national's traditional repertoire as professionals rather than participants.Kenya is a multi-ethnic state in the southern Great Lakes region of East Africa. It is primarily inhabited by Bantu and Nilotic populations, with some Cushitic ethnic minorities in the north. Its total population is estimated at