Description Of A Fire

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The blazing, crackling fire is glistening in the bright moon light. As the fire’s flames are roaring higher and higher into the night sky, the gray, molted ash rises above the flamboyant fire. The ashes rise above the fire like a light, fluffy cloud, leading my eyes above the ancient memorable cabin. While looking up, the glistening stars are standing out like beams of light; because of the lack of ambient light in the ever so peaceful countryside. Being miles and miles away from any kind of city or town, the stars are so beautifully abundant, I never see such beauty in the city. While sitting by the outrageously warm, cozy fire, my curious eyes wander into the dark, mystical mountains. The way the monumental mountains fluctuate make them appear like they are never ending. There is this eerie feeling that takes over me, never really knowing what wild, untamed beast may be unknowingly starring at me. Looking into the mountains, I happen to see dark, gray, silhouettes of deer while looking through the foggy smoke of the fire. The deer wander gracefully through the dark forest hesitantly, as the starving vicious predators are out to get them. In the distance the coyotes are howling long and intensely, forcing the already hesitant deer to frolic frantically into the mysterious night. It is almost as if the deer are being swallowed by the trees as they run farther and farther away. The howling of the eager coyotes becomes louder and louder as they draw even more near. My heart starts pounding in my chest in fear the hungry Novak 2

ravenous coyote may be right behind me. There ever so loud, echoing fades off into the mountainous distance, as they are running off to feed their carnivorous hunger. As the coyotes are running away they are so close I can hear them running across the rugged terrain of the steep mountain side. Being able to watch and listen to the magnificent animals of the vast forest is peaceful and at the very least interesting. After hearing the creatures of the wild, the attention is directed towards the stream behind my family’s run down cabin. The small reflective stream portrays the florescent moonlight onto the grassland that surrounds the camp fire. Not only is the moon light attracted to the stream; but the constant trickling and flowing of the transparent water attracts my attention. While I am looking into the stream the moon light gives away the position of the small fish swimming through the slight current of the water, like darts. The bright moonlight reflects so beautifully against the fishes large shiny scales. They look like flashes of lightning swimming in the frigid water. The stream sounds like water dripping into a metal pot from a soggy ceiling tile. Later on in the night the sound of the stream fades away like a fighter jet flying over a football stadium and disappearing into the atmosphere. The once raging fire is now dimming down like lights in a child’s bedroom before bedtime. As the dimming fire is settling down, the molted wood begins to explosively crackle sending red hot embers at myself like a pea shooter. Part of the reason why the charcoal colored wood is spewing embers is because the bubbling pine sap is trickling