Description Of A Hierarchical Star Network

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Network Topologies
Hierarchical Star network has a central computer at the highest level, and is connected to many other computers in different levels in what is called a hierarchy. All computers and devices are connected to a central point probably a hub or a switch, they use a system called point to point connection which mean that every computer or device is connected to a hub or switch. All data on this type of star passes through these hubs before reaching it correct destination. In this topology the switches or hubs act as intersections to connect all the devices in a hierarchical star network
Hierarchical star is use in chain corporations for speed and limited failure
This topology is easy to install all needs is a cable to the hub or switch
Devices are easy to install and remove
Bus Network is where all the computer are connected to a single cable usually the cable is connected by a transceiver. The bus network usually uses a coax cable to connect the network. The larger the bus network is the slower performance that will be received from the computers or devices. On a bus if there is a break in the cable the system will fail until properly fixed.
Bus is inexpensive and simple to install
Coax cable is very durable
Cable is limited to about 10 MBS
Bus is not used in large building or corporations with many computers
Ring Topology uses a single cable, this cable is looped in a circle going in one direction passing through each computer on the