Description Of Vibrant Flowers

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Vibrant Flowers

Flowers blow calmly with the air
As all but ones stems are partially bare
The surrounding weeds cover the ground
While new flowers flourish aground The purple pigments can be seen for miles
With each flower having different styles
Green grass fills in the rest
And welcomes insects to come rest Sharp wood chips poke the smooth stems
Pulling off part of the growing gem
Wilting flowers slowly die
And fall to the ground peacefully there to lie

The Dream

I thought I must be dreaming that
I thought I was awake,
For I was without question in
A most peculiar state. Who was thinking I was dreaming
I was thinking in my sleep?
Was I awake while sleeping?
Oh, this was far too deep! Or was I dreaming I was thinking
I was dreaming in the night?
And would I wake up tired or rested
Come the morning light? The alarm beeped, and quickly I
Rolled off the rumpled bed,
Grateful for the clarity
That lit the day ahead.

Passing Air

On passing air
One turns around
To see if any
Heard the sound; Then moves away
To vacate where
Another might
Inhale the air; And then, relieved
In gut and soul,
Becomes again
A wholesome whole.


Have witches gone the way of wonders,
Asterisks of yesterday?
Life restores what reason wonders
Yet we lose our mind for play.
Once we knew that what we knew
Was like a ship upon a sea.
Evil spirits wandered through
Eternity, and what was true
Never tainted what might be.


We all go through life with all types of friends
As children and adults too
Some friends for life, some friends bring strife
And some just simply pass through The difference in friends is clear to the mind
And clear to the eyes and ears too
Just be yourself and don’t pretend
There should be nothing you need to construe Once it happens, a bond is formed
This should be kept throughout the years
From month to month, year to year
Through laughter, fights and through tears From friends at home to friends abroad
Good memories never fade
If you need some help from near or afar
Good friends you needn’t persuade


The snowflakes fall from the sky in a blur
Each one falls on my hair
I don't even bother getting them off The sun will make the snow like diamonds
Dancing across the fields and mountains
Never letting go of their magical blue­pink colors I climb on top a snow bank and try not to fall
I imagine a great ravine beneath me
With water pounding on the sharp rocks