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Aldo Bardhi
G. Kelley
English 1180-C1628/Descriptive
February 2nd, 2015
Home Is Where The Heart Is As a child, I always saw my father leave early in the morning and come home late. He worked many late hours to provide for his family, and I knew that one day I would want to provide for myself and my family just like my father. Therefore, I envision living in a four story structure on a fifteen acre lot that includes ten bedrooms and seven baths! I want to build my house along the lake, so I can have the perfect view of the sunset after a hard day’s work. My home will expand over the golf course which will be surrounded by a monumental garden filled with vibrant flowers and tall trees, on an island near Santorini, Greece. It will be the most noticeable home in the area, with a private air strip landing right near the beautiful whitewashed churches that overlook the cobalt sea near Santorini, Greece. An arch bridge made of concrete is built behind my home, leading you towards a red rock scenery enclosed with a bluish-green water near the appealing Santorini Island. The feeling of the wind blowing through your hair on a hot summer’s day. My home is surrounded by a beautiful path, making my way through the path, there is a beautiful maple designed basketball court surrounded by a masonry block fence. Ten steps to the right, there is a tennis court that is designed with acrylic texture all around the court ground. In between both of these areas is a mini bar lounge, perfect for relaxing between games. Where my friends and I can cool down after an eight vs. eight basketball game! On the opposite side of my yard an underground swimming pool is mounted from the swimming pool inside my house. With neon lights lighting up the turquoise water during the night, and turbojets streaming through the water just made me feel good. An immense gazebo is built near the side of the pool in a position in which I can see anyone that enters or leaves my lot as I am sitting in it. Feeling of relaxation lies upon you, knowing that you will be alone and not be bothered. As I drove onto my red brick stone driveway I am greeted by the wide set of stairs that lead me to my entrance, it is surrounded by four columns leading to the most sumptuous polished doors I have ever seen. They are made of sustainable contemporary wood that have stained glass window in the center. The handles and frames themselves are made out of brass, with four windows that overlooked an entrance towards my home. All stained cathedral glass structured throughout each window. The outside walls are made of stucco, a dense solid that is used for ornamental coating for walls and plasters as architecture. As I feel the texture of the wall, chills run down my spine reminding me of an old ancient kingdom. Old fashioned shingles border the roof in a clay like color. When I take a step back and look at my house I am filled with joy due to the stunning structure of my home.
Going back inside my home, I am able to see the 24x36 inch replica painting of the Mona Lisa. This painting was done by Leonardo Da Vinci, it symbolizes her smile and facial expression as a beauty of art. Sometimes looking at it gives me the shivers. The painting sits above the fireplace made of thick brick masonry. When home alone, staring at that thing gives me an uncomfortable feeling. Near the fireplace lays an enormous life size sculpture of a Lion. The sculpture’s appearance is so realistic it would make one believe it was dipped in cement. The detailing on the first floor is the theme of an indoor wood theme and vertical garden along the wall in the living room. The wood theme makes the interior appear more beautiful and welcoming. Stained glass surrounds every corner of the house where plenty of sunlight is able to keep the plants growing, even indoors. The kitchen has marvelous glossy granite countertops to which I am able to see my reflection, complimented with fresh mahogany cabinets. The cabinets are