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Why such a big phone? At plain sight the size of the Galaxy note 2 is intimidating. The Note 2 has all the features of an ordinary phone, was built with a touch of elegance, and it’s exceedingly advanced technology makes this gadget fascinating.

Although the Note 2 is a smart phone it still preserves the traditional features cell phones were initially manufactured to execute. This phone has the ability to perform outbound and incoming calls. Subsequently to calling the other most used feature is texting. It has a frontal and rear facing camera to take pictures or videos of the next unicycle riding zebra that crosses its user’s path. It also comes with preinstalled applications that are designed to facilitate daily activities of the user, such as a calculator, a picture gallery, a flashlight, etc.

It is obvious to the eye how well this solid piece of equipment was built and it is so stylish like a runway model dressed with a breathtaking white dress. The Note 3 is considerably oversized in length and width; it has a slender and sleek look. It is of the color white like snow with shinny metallic like edges. The size of the screen allows an enhanced view of the contents on the device. The screen is made of glass, and feels smooth at the touch. Other then the touch screen only 3 buttons are available to control this giant unit, the volume, power and home buttons. A dazzling array of colors invades each screen slide. It has many lights acting as indicators and also to brighten up the screen to facilitate the…