Descriptive Essay: A Walk Through Guatemala

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A Walk Through Guatemala

I was sitting in the back of my aunts green Range Rover. The mexicans songs were playing on the radio. Back in my mind, I was admiring how beautiful and amazing the place was. The sounds of the birds were fantastic and was a beauty, the breeze going through my hair, the smell of delicious food of the streets. I was so excited to be back. The place is meaningful to me. It brought me the memories of, me eating ice cream, feeling the delicious, cold, creamy ice going down my throat or the time I fell from my aunts lemon tree, feeling the pain from my knee. I could still feel the hard cold ground. Multiple people believe this country is so breathtaking, I am so grateful to be able to witness my surroundings, where
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The church and the beauty, it reminded me of how my grandmother and I used to go. My grandmother always told me the story of the Basilica, it felt as if she was there, next to me telling me the story of our church. Looking from the corner of my eye. There were people sitting in the green grass and enjoying with their family. I started going up the long, uneven, and cracked steps to enter the church. As I started to reach the top of the steps, I noticed the ringing church bells and statues of saints. I admired how unique and beautiful these statues were. once I reached the top I turned around and scanned the whole entire area. This is where I grew up, these are the same steps I walked on when I was twelve and had my first communion. As my journey continues, I will always remember this trip back home. Heading to the Fiestas Julias, where we saw the mayor of Esquipulas and he greeted us. When we went to the Molienda Don Nicolas, where the owner of showed us the place and showed us how they make the Jugo de caƱa. When we went to the beautiful Basilica, where we always go and finally we go to thank El Cristo Negro. I still have many things to learn of my hometown and hope that one day when I have a family of my own I still be able to show the Basilica to