Descriptive Essay About A Friend

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I remember meeting this beautiful young lady by the name of Stephanie through a mutual friend. Everybody called her first lady she was very well known in our community. She also had to precious kids who looked up to her. Her style was very unique she wasn’t your typical Caucasian girl. We were always together our favorite hobbies was shopping, going to the beach and of course pampering ourselves. Stephanie always made me feel a part of her family she was like a big sister to me everyone called us salt and pepper because we were always together. When I moved away to Columbia for two years we still stayed in contact every day until she until she lost her job everything started going downhill for her. I helped her out has much as possible because …show more content…
I arrived back to my hometown to visit family and friends and of course I wanted to see Stephanie I stopped by her mother house nobody was there so I drove around to until I could find somebody close to her to see where she was. I bumped into her close friend Chubb he told me she got herself a new job and also a new number. I was happy to hear that she started a new job but my mind pondered when he said new number I felt some type of way because I never received that information. So I popped up at her job and she was excited to see me that made me feel special but I also had to confront her about not giving me her new number. She explained she was very busy trying to maintain everything as a single mother I had no other choice but to respect her. We did a little bit of catching up on her break but I couldn’t keep her for too long because had to get back to work and I had to travel back to Columbia. I kissed her on the cheek and told her I love her so much with a tight comforting hug. One week later I received a phone from Chubb he told me that Stephanie was missing for two days now and that’s not like her she always comes home to her