Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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My first time having a really close friend would probably be my ex-girlfriend’s older brother Zebulen Lariviere. We were really good friends since he first moved here about seven years ago and we immediately became very close friends. We both loved playing outside in every season and hiking through the woods until we were lost. We were fairly good friends until one day we were eating lunch and I looked over and happened to notice his sister was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. It wasn’t long until everyone including her parents and mine noticed I had the biggest crush on her. I mean the light brown hair and blue eyes drove me wild. She always was smiling no matter what was happening. Like I said it wasn’t long until everyone noticed this crush I had developed out of blue, including Zebulen. My parents had told me the rule of no dating any girls since I was probably around the age of seven. I started spending a lot of time with Sarenah and not Zebulen. I still had a great friendship with Zebulen but it was starting to dissipate and everyone could see. But how do you expect a 13 year old boy who had never liked a girl like this before control his strange twisted affinity for his best friend’s sister. This affinity has lasted to this very day. I got lost in others girl’s eyes several times. Each time distancing my self from farther and farther away yet bringing us closer and closer. This cycle lasted about three years until I made the mistake of getting angry over a misunderstood text and the day of being angry over a text I hung out with