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Every year I dread the first day of school--sitting in a new, awkward class and awaiting roll call. Whenever a teacher comes to my name I can tell because they stop, stare for a second, and then begin to stutter, “Eh… Ah… Emily?” I try to cut in before I become more embarrassed by quickly chiming in, “Here!” Then, of course I have to self-consciously explain how to correctly pronounce my name, Emilia, which is the Hispanic version of Emily. The name I was born with was Emilia Lelani Abalos—my name alone is diverse. My first name reflects both the Italian side of my family and the Argentine. My middle name, although misspelled, represents the Hawaiian influence in my life, and my biological last name combines my Spanish and Argentine heritage, but I have been raised in the U.S. This is why I can contribute to the diversity of University of Kentucky.
My mom and my biological father were both born, and for the most part raised in northern Argentina. My father’s grandparents immigrated to Argentina from Italy, and my mom’s grandpa came from Spain. Because I come from a Hispanic family, I have been taught to greet everyone with a hug and kiss even if it’s the first time I meet him or her. Sometimes, it’s awkward. But truth be told, it really breaks down the barriers—how could it not? When I meet somebody new at college, it will be first nature for me to treat them as such and expose them to the diversity of my life.
Not only will I be able to bring diversity by the manners that I am used to, but the morning routines. I have grown up where every morning my mom and I drink a traditional Argentine tea called yerba mate. Whomever it is that ends up being my roommate is going to have to deal with my morning drink that my adopted dad so cleverly calls “sweet hay”.
I think the best part of the diversity I can bring to the