Descriptive Essay About My Girl

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Terron Page
Beth Copeland
English 100
October 24, 2014
My Girl, Chloe
Growing up I was always very popular in school, I never caused any problems, I didn’t have any enemies, I was just a funny cool guy. The people that love me the most were the ladies. Girls always wanted to talk to me, sometimes they were so shy they sent their friends to try to be their wing girls, I guess, and talk them up. Out of all the girl friends I have had, there was only one girl I truly cared about, that I would always love, that I would always think about, that I would always protect, even if I was mad at her. She and I will always be close, after all we were each other’s first. Her name was Chloe, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, the perfect girl. Chloe was athletic, smart, full of energy, tall, loved chasing animals in the yard, and she always knew when someone was pulling up in the driveway. That’s right Chloe wasn’t my girlfriend she was my dog. She was a black and white Toy Poodle. Chloe was like the perfect alarm system, never have to call anyone about any problems, never had to enter a code to shut her up, it was like we had a voice activated alarm. The barking does get annoying at times because it’s so loud and it doesn’t matter where you are in the house, if Chloe knew someone was coming up to the house, then you would know to.
The first time I met Chloe I was about 13-14 years old and she had just been born. Her mother and father were my Uncle Tim’s dogs so we didn’t have to buy her, she was born into the family. Chloe was so small and curly, I was so excited about taking her home, I never left her alone. I held her in my lap the whole ride home, just thinking and planning about all the places we were going to go to, all the fun we were going to have, but most of all how bad I was going to spoil her. I got a job taking care of my neighbors boys for $20 a week, Chloe started getting jealous because I was spending more time across the street than with her. It kind of got annoying when I came home, exhausted and she jumping on me, barking at me, and clawing at me, but the only reason I got the job was so I could buy her the best toys, best treats, best food, and best bed I could find. At the end of the day I loved her so much and always played her favorite game before I went to sleep.
Chloe was a good dog and everything, but with all relationships there are going to be problems. When we first brought Chloe home her biggest problem