Descriptive Essay About My Life

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Above the city, I sat and stared below into a world that I know to be my home. A place where I learned many of the people I know and seen many of the things that have opened my eyes. As I gazed into the deep abyss of trees, words take over my soul, and my ambitions are thrown into a hole of new ideas that are overwhelmingly beautiful. I am accompanied by many of the same energies that helped me progress in the first place. Sounds of birds conversing rang in the air, as the sound of my brother’s voice and guitar chord harmonies reverberated off the walls of the cave we were sitting in. Days like this were typical for me, slowly changing the way I viewed of my life and the direction I hope for it to go in. Although the city I grew up in, too small to even appear on maps, may seem boring to most, it truly made an impact on me. Many people have never ventured out into the scenic depths of the Laguna Canyon that lies right across my neighborhood. It was here that I experienced many revelations about myself, and developed a strong connection with and love for nature. The almost gravitational pull it had on me caused me to find myself spending most of my days hiking and exploring its paths and caves. At the same time, I was also discovering hidden beauties that I wanted to share with others. “How could I help people appreciate what most don’t even know exist in their own city?” I would ask myself. In order to capture what I witnessed, I started to bring my camera with me on my adventures, drawing me into a field of art that complemented my visits to the Canyon. It didn’t take long for me to realize I had quite the eye for photography. What had started out as a casual pastime for me began to turn into a passion I was serious about. I began to take my camera with me everywhere; wanting to make memories I experienced tangible. Spending hours outdoors, relentlessly searching for new places to aim and shoot, I came to the conclusion that I truly could do this for the rest of my life. My excitement for traveling to unseen places, and revealing them to the curious