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Zalika Moore
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My Place
Seven/Eleven is my place because it remind me of last summer. The summer of 2012 was so much fun for me, I did what I wanted I started to act like an adult and stay out late seven/eleven is one of the only places near my house that is open 24 hours and sells food and coffee all night. It is fat rectangular shaped building it is made out of brown brick the seven/Eleven logo in front of the store has the number seven with the begin half orange and the ending half red on top of the number seven the number eleven is written out. When you walk in the first thing that hits you is the smell of coffee the floors are a boring beige color that reminds me of cream filled coffee. To your left is the coffee station at the coffee station there are always four different flavors: regular, decaf, Columbian, and hazelnut. It is not very big inside next to the coffee station is about four aisles filled with candy bars, chips, slim Jim’s, etc. in the back of the store there are refrigerators stocked with everything from gallons of milk to cans of soda. Beside the last fridge are freezers where all the frozen foods are kept like hot pockets and frozen chicken wings. There are shelf that have a fringed curtain in from of them there is food behind the curtain the fringes from the curtain move back and forth because there are small fans inside the shelf that keep the food cool. At the end of the store there are Slurpee machines and a