Descriptive Essay About Snow

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Descriptive Essay #1
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ENGL 1101

I sit and watch as the snow begins to fall again in the quad. Only moments ago everything around me was brown, dry, and frozen. The grass under my shoes had been matted to the ground from everyone walking through, while the trees had been stripped of their leaves long ago. As the snow falls, I sit on this bench, this cold metal bench, and watch as the world that I had seen moments ago vanish. All that remained was the pure, untouched snow as I watched the world replaced by the stark white clumps of snow fall to the ground. It was as if I had been thrust into a new world in just a few moments. What met my eyes as the snow continued to fall and gather on the hard ground was astonishing. The snow that covered the ground was perfectly smooth, and if you looked closely enough you could begin to see the snow molding itself to the grounds contours, creating miniature snowy hills. I looked at the trees and it seemed as if they had taken on a new form. There was snow covering the top parts of every single twig and branch on all the trees and the evergreen trees held the snow in their pines. The trees seemed as if it were still trying to protect the students from the harsh realities of winter, giving what little comfort they could in their frozen state. The trees almost looked sad to be forced to carry this heavy burden, as their branches drooped and curved downward with the extra weight of the snow. With the wind beginning to howl around me, I felt my body shiver as the frigid wind defied my coat and sought to strip me of what warmth I had. Beginning to make me shiver, the wind kept pounding me with its incessant blasts of frosty air. Then the wind began picking up snow to add an even deeper chill to its already numbing bite. My face began to numb, starting with my ears and nose and making my cheeks redden from the chilling wind. The wind began to die down and eventually after it had completely stopped screaming in my ears, all that was left was an eerie silence. Feeling in my face gradually returned as the blood began to slowly recirculate in my face in an attempt to stave off the cold of winter. While I looked around to check my surroundings, I noticed that the snow had blown against the trees and was gathered around them, creating a perfect slope that led from the snowy ground to the frozen bark on the trees. It seemed as if the snow had somehow become