Descriptive Essay About Soccer

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A Deeper Meaning
As soon as our center midfielder puts her head down, I know that’s my cue. My first few steps are quick, beginning just as she extends her foot to make contact with the ball. It’s chipped over the top of the last defenders head and I’m off to the races, doing everything in my power to reach that ball before anyone else has a chance to.
Competitive. Determined.
Soccer isn’t just a sport, to say the least, it’s a part of who I am; a defining quality, a passion, a blueprint that has helped shape me into the person I am today. Whenever I’m battling to gain possession of the ball from the opposing team, pushing the feeling of how fatigue my body is deep into the back of my mind, is it really all just for a simple hobby? The competitive nature and determined mind set that I have developed from playing the game of soccer makes and will forever continue
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With all of these ideas swarming within my mind comes the occasional mistake of the right decision to make, which leads to instructive feedback from those who are wiser than me; my coaches. The sport I play has taught me how to take criticism constructively, not personally. This acceptive characteristic has blossomed beyond soccer. For example, whether my teacher is explaining to me corrections I need to make on an assignment or my parents are instructing me how to make the best life decisions, I find it important to listen to their input and respect their guidance. It’s more than evident that I owe some credit to the experiences that I have underwent through soccer to the contribution of my ability to absorb constructive criticism positively and better my decision