Descriptive Essay About The Wedding

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Kari Brown
Professor Kuckelman
English Composition I
October 6, 2014

Stepping out of our car we are hit with a breathtaking view. The whisper of the wind as it rustles the leaves of the aspen trees welcomes us. The majestic Rockies mountains set a beautiful backdrop for the alter. Green leaves turning browns, golds, and reds blanket the mountains preparing them for the winter to come. A crystal blue lake to the side reflects the beauty of fall. Deer graze in the far meadow, munching without notice of the special occasion that is about to occur. Chairs are lined up waiting for the guest to take their places. The scene is set with lanterns, mums, and bunches of corn stalks to compliment the autumn landscape. The wedding ceremony is about to begin. We walk down toward the wedding area. Many guests are mingling waiting for the special event to start. Minutes later the ushers begin seating the people, we are among the last to take our place. The groom, along with his mother, are the first of the wedding party to be seen. The anticipation, nervousness, and excitement is palpable. He proceeds to seat his mother in a place of honor at the front. The groom then joins his groomsmen to anxiously await his bride. The mother of the bride is next. The joy is radiating out of her, making me smile a little more. The groom and groomsmen take their places in front of the alter waiting for the bride to arrive. The beautiful bridesmaids begin making the trek up the aisle, each in their own style complimenting their individual personalities. Now it’s time for the flower girls and ring bearers. The unpredictability of children always bring extra life to a wedding and this one was no exception. The first of the flower girls and ring bearers approach the aisle and flip a sign they’re carrying over for everyone to see. The congregation erupts in laughter for the sign reads “Last Chance to Run!”. Turning to look at the groom I could tell that was the farthest thing from the truth. The last of the flower girls and ring bearers appear, not quite sure of