Descriptive Essay: All Quiet On The Western Front

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It has been weeks up here in the front and nothing has happen. I mean that should be a good thing but it's just horrible here. I miss you and the family, tell them all I say hi and i’ll be home soon. Mom, I don’t know where to begin. A lot has happened in the last 3 months. Two people already died and our captain is super mean, I personally don’t know why the family told me to come. I'm not suited to be in this place, I had dreams. I wanted to go to med school and become something, yet now i'm suck in the front with no food, water, or any clean clothes. Even though i miss you guys I can’t believe you would put your only daughter in the war. It doesn’t matter anymore, everything has changed in my life. The trenches are awful to live in, the weapons are improving but not so much and the people I fight with have changed a lot . Now there are little kids …show more content…
Trenches are dug out long ditches that are formed in a zigzag formation. It’s wet cold and dirty. And don't get me started about the how many rats are out here. These rat are so disgusting they usually eat food but since there is no food they eat the dead bodies that are laying around. Everywhere you turn there is a dead body. I mean all of us were horrified by all the things but sooner or later you get used to the place. Oh, yeah about the food supply. We get food that suppose to last us a week or more that doesn’t always work out to plan. Just like the clean clothes or boots. They usually get them from a dead body that was once part our team. I can't believe everyone kept telling that hs here was the fatherland and that I need to serve my country. Yet, I don't see any of you guys coming here to fight the war, but us young kids are meant to be here. That quite great if you don't mind me saying. Have the young ones go out and fight while you all have your time relaxing, doesn’t seem so fair if you ask