Descriptive Essay: California Dreaming

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California Dreaming

During my stay in South Carolina, I have had the opportunity to eat at one of the best restaurant in Charleston called California Dreaming. My overall experience at this restaurant was an appealing ambience and their traditional food brings out the Southern atmosphere. Being from a northern environment, I was not use to this type of cooking but I enjoyed it a lot. The restaurant is located near the shore. It was filled with docks, boats, and beautiful birds that soared across the parking lots when I first arrived. The restaurant itself is shaped like a castle. The appearance of the building at night is displayed on the side of the building. By sundown the lights decorating the restaurant creates a beautiful glowing
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I really agree with trying new things after eating at this establishment. It was a great experience and it helped me realized that the old me would not have thought of eating at a restaurant such as California Dreaming. I was uneducated about the dining place and I was not too comfortable eating there. Now that I have experienced the southern cooking, I am most definitely going back. I would also suggest this as a first great date restaurant for an abundance of reason. The food is great and the environment is classy enough to help set the tone for a great night with a love one or family members. California dreaming was one of the best restaurants I ever ate at. I can assure you that you would feel the same way I did after you eat from this restaurant. I would recommend if you are going to take you lady out on a date you come visit California Dreaming. This is a great place to come right after a movie or even before a movie it just sets the tone for the night both of you will leave out feeling full and fantastic. Next time I go I will bring a lot of my friends with me and try more of their food. I usually don’t like sea food but the way it looked I think I might want to try it out, especially since they have one