Descriptive Essay: Deer Hunting

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Every year in November, I go deer hunting with my dad to feed my family. I head to my Grandma’s house, and there is a field back there that is planted, has a deer blind back there, and not much noise. That is my favorite spot to hunt, because lots of deer go there every year. My Dad loves to hunt, fish, has a girlfriend, does construction, and sometimes wears glasses. What I like to do is sing, hunt, fish, shoot guns, I am fourteen years old, smart, kind, wear glasses, and active. I go to my Dad’s house which he lives by a river, soothing, comfortable, and small.
The best time to hunt is when it doesn’t rain, not too cold all of a sudden, where you’re at, and the season the deer are in rut. That way the bucks are looking for does, and that way they are more active. Sometimes
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My dad walks out to the middle of the field and sets a Buck Bomb. The sound is like a faint continuous soda can that spurs off in the distance. After we walk into the deer blind, we are as quiet as possible when we get in there, and sit down. Then it gets a little brighter out after a half hour and can barely see.
After a while, usually we see lots of does, and not many bucks. We try to stay in the blind the whole day to try to see a buck that is bigger than 6 points. If we see a buck bigger than 6, I will raise up the gun then shoot the deer. If the deer sprints away or falls, we will wait an hour or more to make sure the deer is dead. After we find the deer, we clean it, and haul it to my Grandma’s barn to hang. After we have cleaned the deer, and bagged it, we have food for the year to eat. My Dad and I love to go hunting every year. If we don’t get one, we wait for the late doe season, and try next year. My favorite thing about hunting is the waiting, and never know what is going to happen. I would do it again because I spend time with my dad, and it’s