Descriptive Essay: District Soccer Tournament

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District Soccer Tournament

I started playing soccer for northeast the beginning of my freshman year of high school. We were never so good just, because we were kids at the time. When I started playing we didn't have a soccer team at the time so we were the soccer team just a bunch of freshman playing the varsity team. As freshman we still never gave up and continued to push ourselves to do the best we could. All the other teams were always bigger than us just because they were upper classmen, but now we’re a senior team and have started our districts and are willing to play our best. We’re no longer kids and now we know the sport by heart and play it way better than we use too. Now we’ve been playing long enough together that we’ve created a strong chemistry and we’ve played strong enough to make it to have a good chance to win districts. Our new coach, Coach mahanes has chose to coach us this year and she's been believing in us since the start and we don’t plan on giving up on her. She’s going to be proud of if we win districts or not, but we plan on showing her how us Viking soccer boys play. We already knew districts was going to be a challenge.
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When i get back coach calls me over to talk about our game plan and has me double check the starting line up. I walked over to the other captains and made sure everyone was ready. As the referee came over and called for captains as we all walked over the ref, he started telling us the rules. After all the instructions and rules we start the coin toss, As he flipped the coin in the air and said “Call it in the air” we called tails, We won the toss, but gave lincoln the ball. We shook hands with the other players and the refs and started walking towards our team and told them the game plan and as we had our hype man yasin. He started to hype us up and he broke it down by “ Vikings on me vikings on 3 1..2..3..” then the team yelled “