Descriptive Essay: Kayak Bass Fishing

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Over the past year during my reign as the Kayak Bass Fishing National Champion, I have had many incredible opportunities come my way. I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet many people from many places across the Nation, fish in some of the most beautiful places this country has to offer, and travel to some places that I never would have ventured before winning the National Championship. One place that my travels this past year took me was the great little town of Wetumpka, Alabama. Running through the town of Wetumpka is the Coosa River. This beautiful river is one of the most scenic rivers in the country and is home to some off the best Spotted Bass fishing in the country. This river begins in the town of Rome, Georgia and …show more content…
This lake consists of the water from below Mitchell Dam to the Lake Jordan Dam. The upper section of the lake just below Mitchell Dam is more river than what I consider Lake. Although I didn't get a chance to fish this section I did check it out from the shore and have to say that It has all the goodies you want as an angler. Current, deep channels,massive boulders and cliff walls, dominate this section of the lake. As you head southeast down the lake the scenery changes from river like to more of a lake feel. Houses line the lake all around with many steep banks, grass flats rocky points and more boat docks you could ever fish in a week from a kayak. Aside from all the shoreline structure and grass that is available on this fairly clear water lake is the offshore structure to explore with your electronics. Paddling around and watching my Lowrance showed so many humps and points and ditches that held massive amounts of bait and fish that it was almost hard to narrow down where one should even start. Both myself and Jay both found it easy to find fish, it was just proving very difficult to figure out how to get them to bite. the week leading up to our time there they had a long warm spell and we brought a cold front with us that sent the Bass into lockjaw for the most part. If you could hit this lake in better conditions I am sure you would be in for the Spotted Bass trip of a