Descriptive Essay: Metal Transition In Hospital Doors

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Metal Transition

Walking through the hospital doors that early chilly November Monday morning it was an ecstatic day. Finally, after 4 years I was getting surgery for my Scoliosis. Having scoliosis was a pain in the back, literally. Walking into the waiting room we sat waiting in silence. After waiting for what seemed like hours in the waiting room they called me back to the prep room. They handed me a robe to shoo me off to tell my mom what they were doing and the estimated time of it being done. As I slipped off my clothes I hear my mom's shaky voice saying that they didn't want to be too far if ‘something happened’. But I trusted my doctor If they could do it to people with it worse than mine should be a breeze right? As I laid on the bed waiting for my doctor it was silent, no
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It wasn't that bad I almost instantly feel relaxed “Just tell me when stuff is funny,” he says, laughing stupidly making me smirk and start to laugh a small bit he makes jokes till I'm laughing like I'm in an endless cycle of laughter. After they moved me out of the room, I fell asleep almost instantly. Waking up must have been the worst part as I open my eyes as sparks of pain pulsate through my back. I still cringe at the first words I said “it hurts” re-saying those words I think yes it does hurt but you're a strong child. They take me to a room where I will be staying for five days.My family is now in my room they say it was supposed to be an eight-hour surgery, but I was only in for four hours they say it's supposed to be a month of healing time but I took twenty-one days to heal , I count myself