Descriptive Essay: My Trip To Louisiana

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If you think you love food, just wait till you get down to Louisiana. It is a well known fact that Louisiana has best food in America. This was not the only reason why my family and I are taking a vacation down to Louisiana. While we are there, we are going to do some duck hunting. Louisiana has prime duck hunting, and I wasn’t more excited than ever. The trip itself was a long haul, and the drive was within a solid fourteen hours. The culture in Louisiana is way different than Kansas, but Louisiana is a magnificent place, with all their food, and prime duck hunting.
The Sunday morning during late December was a chilly one; my family and I was off on our trip. On the drive there, the view was a very beautiful and unique. As soon you get into
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The roads were very smooth, so that made the drive very quiet and peaceful. Looking out the window, I saw that the land was really pretty, and everything was green. The other thing you could see besides the deep thick green forest was the yellowish orange sun shining through the glass of your windshield beating down on your eyes. The farther south you went, the land kept getting more flat. Once you reach the swamp lands of Louisiana, which is right off the gulf of Mexico, the big trees disappear and the majority of the land was completely flat. Driving on the highway, you could see miles and miles away. The land was something I never seen before. I could tell we were going through hurricane country. The majority of the towns along the coast, the houses and buildings were all on stilts …show more content…
To experience Louisiana culture and living their lifestyle for a couple of days was outstanding. From all the magnificent meals made from our friends to duck hunting close to the Gulf of Mexico, made the trip worth the ride. I lived in Kansas my whole life, and Louisiana landscape was completely different. Their foods were the best part, and I could not get anything close to that in Kansas. I am glad I had this opportunity to go on the great