Descriptive Essay On A Sweat Lodge

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Within a couple miles the surrounding transformed from a suburban neighborhood layout to the feel of the country tucked away amongst the system of modern living. A sign read certified wildlife habitat as we headed in the back entrance of small but spacious plot of land. The fire was lit under a large metal crate. 15 feet from the flames, resembling a last second chance to camouflage a building, the sweat lodge stood with tarps strewn and bungeed across quite haphazardly looking. (need to fit in blatant thesis) I was introduced to a few amicable people tending the fire and then started on the path to contribute the oatmeal cookies I had made that morning to the potluck dinner the community was gathering in the kitchen. The route followed along the border of a garden surrounded by wire and wooden post. Having just been seeded recently few plants could be seen but a large nurtured sage bush, lettuce sprouts and few unidentifiable shoots coming to life.( My knowledge of vegetables that I could visually recognizable growing expanded as previously a couple of unknown thriving plants with lengthy leaves were later labeled as artichokes.) Past the …show more content…
The rocks in the sweat represent every ones ancestors since the mineral making up those rocks are the same as the minerals that sustained out past relatives and continue to allow all current life to thrive. I aided in moving the rocks used in the prior ceremony to (a pile of ancestor residing next to the fire.¬) Wandering to find the next task to be done I offered my help in the garden. Plucking the undesirable plants small talk was exchanged and we jested that the sprouts were the wrong type of weed to be working with, turning a fairly tedious task into a laughable occasion. I cleared the garden, intermittently bird watching, until it came time for talking