Descriptive Essay On Guy West Bridge

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That was a beautiful wednesday, so I decided to go outside instead of staying at home all day as usual. I had not been to Guy West Bridge since last fall. Last time, I had gone there to take some photos with my family. I had not had much time to observe and enjoy the the surrounding scenery. This time I came back with the hope of taking advantage of the “sense of wonder” to explore more about the beauty of the river. And I met my expectation. Standing on the bridge, I looked at the imposing scene in front of me. The river flowed to the horizon where the sky was so clear and the clouds floated sluggishly. Two lines of trees were accompanied with the river to run out of my sight. I felt lost in this big world. Sometimes, I think I am too small to resist the movement of the world, to control my own life. I find it ridiculous when someone disrespects the nature, when they think they can conquer it or live without it. Our existence depends much on the nature. The earth provides us food …show more content…
Looking at their faces, the way they knit their brows, and the pace of their steps, I could interpret their stories. That middle-aged couple must have a romantic love and a happy marriage. That disabled woman has a strong will that she wins herself to live a normal life. That teenage girl might experience some problems. That father and son have a wonderful time together. Going out of home, I realize the world is continuing, and people are trying to live their life in the best way. Staying at home is wasting adolescence. Being outside, meeting people, enjoying the nature are effective ways to learn, to improve ourselves, and to gain happiness. I remind myself that I am still young, my feet are still strong, I should go out to open my sight. I do not want to regret these days when getting older. I am not scared of challenges, I am afraid of living a boring