Descriptive Essay On Hawaii

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I know it has been two years since you last saw me. I haven’t been eating as much as I wanted too, the food here on Oahu is horrific, nothing like how you used to cook. The weather here in Hawaii is so humid and hot I can barely go outside without getting sunburned all over my body. Even within my house I sweat all throughout my body from head to toe, it feels as if a glass of boiling water is constantly pouring on me. When I first arrived here there was so much beautiful greenery, the palm trees swayed with the tropical breeze, the grass was splendid. Now they replaced all the greenery with houses for the influx of residence. Earlier this week an entire forest was cut down in place for a new town. I am disappointed with how the island is slowly changing, soon enough the entire island could become one big town. Every day new houses are being built, destroying the land I once enjoyed seeing. On the first day I arrived after being on a boat for almost 3 months, the locals deceived and tricked me into believing that Hawaii was a wonderful place. Yet, the unpredictable weather is simply unbearable today might be the hottest you have ever felt and the next day the rain might cause a flood. At first I came because of the location, We were in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, it would be easier to …show more content…
The law officials are even afraid of the viruses and diseases spreading to other islands Oh, I almost forgot today there was a riot by my fellow sailors over the death Burns, he died by a police officer. Personally I didn’t know the man, but before he was murdered witnesses say he was rowdy and intoxicated. The friends of the sailor burned two buildings. The ministry upheld by the missionaries now despise us whalers. Whenever the federals pass me they look as if they’re going to puke their