Descriptive Essay On Maine

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When talking about Maine you can’t just say things you need to be able to express it with your senses. When you first get to Maine the first things you notice is the beautiful mountains and water. Being from Pennsylvania you don’t see a lot of water like bays, or oceans with waves.One of the first things you will see if its high tide or even low tide is the waves crashing up against the shore with the rocks. Of course when you see water you’re going to see boats. One of the prettiest sights you’ll ever see is all the sailboat’s on the ocean when the sun is setting, or when you go on a tall mountain when the sun is setting and you feel like you could just reach right out and touch it.

One of the first things you smell in Maine is of course sea food. The house we stayed in was right in front of the bay so some night my sisters and I would walk down to the dock when the sun was setting and watch it. There was this one restaurant called Thirstons it was right on the water and they would take their fishing boats out and when they came back in and you would be able to buy lobster.If you’ve never smelt seafood before boy you would smell it then! When we would hike in Acadia National
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Lobster is one of the best things there. One night we went to a local market and dad got lobsters.. We came back to our cottage and dad cooked it. It was absolutely amazing with the flakey lobster dipped in butter melting in your mouth! At Thirstons I got a crab grilled cheese. I’ve never had something so good in my entire life, it was a mouth full of cheesy goodness with buttery crab.. Maine is known for its blueberries. There is everything you can imagine made from blueberry. We got blueberry soda and let me tell you it was so refreshing and delicious. Anything you could think of it was there from seafood pizza at the Quiet Side Cafe, to stuffed blueberry french toast with homemade blueberry