Descriptive Essay On My House

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I opened my eyes, the bright sunlight shone on my body. Like a balloon once intensively forced to be blown with full of air now empty and shrivelled, my body was totally feeble and frail. “Hiss” and “whoosh”, the bracing breeze visited through the nasty narrow cracks on a stained smeared window. No fresh air from the breeze, just the stench of bitter medicine made a scary strong storm assailing my intricate head. Hungry and thirsty, a tenacious tornado rampaged around my barren stomach and a draught deeply distressed my parched mouth. Crackling and groaning, the emaciated bones passed each other roughly. Curiosity why was this humongous hospital was so quiet, no sounds; even footsteps once so deafening now silent. “Hello? Hello!” Just the sound of the indistinct echo spreading out to an achromatic room returned to worthless ears. On the stray beds, the flat pillows scattered and the creaky cadaverous quilts almost fled from the pitiful beds. Pointless and senseless rubbish, medicines and syringes were all over the place where it was an exact room for a perfect lazybones. Without any doubt, the wide corridor was also dirty, messy and filthy. Grabbing the interminable handrail of the stairs, the colourless metal banister was too cold like clasping an ice …show more content…
It seemed like a vacuous space, a diabolic black hole had swallowed everyone. On the grey rough bed, sleeping cars and some other vehicles were lying haphazardly. Meandering at a slow pace, the taciturn city was a totally unusual and completely different to the garrulous city I saw just a few days before. In the spacious city, it was deserted and spotless like all the residents had moved to another perfect planet. What was worse, there were no birds in the sky, no fish in the river, no spiders in the cobwebs, too. Lonely and anxiously, staring at a rectangular banner which had a pleasant picture of people at the right side of banner that was rigid between two typical