Descriptive Essay On One Last Ride

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One Last Ride
As I walk in Stewart field house I could smell the popcorn from outside. Southwestern college has a very good basketball team. The record at the time was 24-6 overall but conference play it was 17-5. This night wasn’t any night it was Southwestern college senior night for the girl and boys so this night was special. And the mountain builders was playing against there arch rival friends university. There were so many people at this home game on this Sunday evening. Everyone was excited for the tipoff because this was the game the fan were looking for. As I take my seat the Southwestern men’s basketball team was coming out the locker room every on their feet cheering and clapping as they get ready to warm up to play the game.
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So this lead her to hitting the girl in the face. So this lead to a tech and there other team get to shoot free throws at the other end. This shows bad sportsmanship by the mountain builders. And bad sportsmanship is not good for the program when coming to any sport. It could lead so many things it could make you lose a game you can get fined. You can get kicked out a lot of space like say if you got a basketball game and you in the crowd being loud and rude to the player you can get kick out the game for no having good sportsmanship. In this case if you do what she did you can get kicked out the game and suspend for a few game and you could hurt you team and your team mate at the end of the day. Never lose your focus in a game it could be the worst thing ever do therefore you should never fight in a game of basketball or any other sport you play. I ask after the game why she hit here in the her face she said because it was her last game and she was talking trash about her the whole game. Good Sportsmanship can take you a long way you will need it if you want to play any pro sports in the lead The four elements of sportsmanship are often shown being good form, the will to win, equity and fairness. All four elements are critical and a balance must be found among all four for true sportsmanship to be