Descriptive Essay On Orlando City

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From my point of view soccer – is a game played by two teams of eleven players with a round ball that may not be touched with the hands or arms during play except by the goalkeepers. The object of the game is to score goals by kicking or heading the ball into the opponents' goal. I personally like Orlando City. We are currently season ticket holders and go to their games whenever we can. Soccer is a sport that brings people together. Weather it’s tailgating with friends before a game or playing pickup at your neighborhood park. I found some of Orlando City’s special moments - #1 After three years of patiently waiting, Orlando City Stadium hosted its first ever MLS match in March as the Lions opened up the 2017 season. Coming up against New York City FC, the match would end up being hard-fought. A header from Cyle Larin early in the game proved to be the difference as Orlando City won their first home opener in a very fitting atmosphere. The sold out crowd created the atmosphere, the Lions fed off it and grinded out the result, which began the narrative of Orlando City’s new “fortress” becoming one of the …show more content…
A powerful volley off the corner that beat the keeper and proved to be the winner for the Lions as they hung on for the 2-1 win. This match signified Orlando becoming the first team in MLS history to open a stadium with four straight wins. (David, 2017)I currently play dual roster for South Orlando SC Green and White teams. I have scored 12 goals this season in division 2A. I have 1 game left ageist our arch rivals, 3 tournaments, as well as a show case in December for a team in the Premier League.In the end, what makes soccer unique to me is that it’s far beyond just a game. It is a heartfelt lifestyle that teaches lessons you will use throughout your entire life. I honestly can’t say I would be the person I am today without soccer. No matter how far I try to stray from the sport, I always come back, because in the end it’s a part of