Descriptive Essay On Senioritis

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What if I told you that senioritis is real and everyone comes face to face with it, in the rarest forms? Would you believe me? It eats on the brain like a viscous parasite. Even worst, like a tapeworm that nibs on the flesh as it wraps around the intestines. As the lone spring months in Kingshill wraps up, summers blazing heat and sun is welcomed. The heat blows the juniors into wild senior thoughts, while dazing out the crack windows. The best years are to come as one or two-inch pleats are stitched to perfection. Khaki dickie pants are left with an everlasting crease from the steam. It lasted the entire year, guarantee. Girls stepping out in their pearl white button downs with a double tack below the neck, accessorized with handbags, white socks, cross or rose bow ties and leather brown sandals. Boys wearing their round neck polos with sleeves resting above the elbow. Tight and fitted is on the charts for dressing. Senior year is here and on the first day they are all seen, as they rip the runway for their schedules. Three months in, reality unfolds before the eyes of seventeen-year-old Jessica. Her appearance lessened, and grades dropped. Everything became a burden and that …show more content…
Jennifer’s time management was as poor as an Mexicans English. Those times she spent watching movies on her laptop could have been used for applying to college. Everything was last minute. Time sped by and it was now March 1st. That was approximately two months away from the typical college deadline, May 1st. At this point in time she should have received five letters, whether declined or accepted but she had none. First most foremost, those documents were required to be cleared for graduation. It signified that you had a plan for your future rather than stay home doing the unknown. It left her no choice but to anxiously await the mail from the mailman, when the bus dropped her home, not knowing it took about a month for a