Descriptive Essay On The Color White

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If I were to examine my thoughts and lay them down on paper, in the most coherent writing process I could possibly fathom, I would imagine this would be best compared to a piece of canvas. As an artist, I need the freedom to take the idea of a blank canvas and stretch it over a frame that is wider than my arms can reach, about as high as the top of my head, and as low as my knees. The thought of all the numerous possibilities laid before me on this vast sea of emptiness, ready and waiting for a skilled hand to pull light and energy out of this intangible whiteness during the creation of life, it is truly exhilarating.
Now, where do I begin? Ah yes, lets pick a random piece of chalk from our palette and begin the journey. The color red, yes this color will do. A deep breath now as I begin to tarnish this untouched surface and explore the limits of this massive beast.
One solid stroke at the top, some wavy lines here, drooping lines there, spiral in, spiral out, and drift along the edges. I fill the canvas with as much red as I can pull from the blankness, until I can no longer see where the red should be. Another color, yes, that will do the trick. I am sensing the color blue, lets rediscover our highlights in a different hue. Moving on with swirling shades of color: yellow, orange, pink, green, and purple too!
As I now stare at this enormous canvas sprinkled with color from here to there, the time has now come to connect the dots and seal away the emptiness brought by