Descriptive Essay: Sammy White

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Descriptive Essay There has never been, and never will be, anyone with a more charming persona than Sammy White.
The White home is considered idealistic by everyone in town. The grand front door is fashioned from shiny cedar wood. Their wide front porch is adorned with white swings and rocking chairs. Gorgeous hand-crafted Corinthian columns support the cream-colored roof. Numerous windows are embellished by classy blue gingerbread trimmings. Cloudy gray smoke trials from the two chimneys. From behind the branches of the lofty trees, in the belvedere atop the house, Sammy has been witnessed reading. Along the front of the house, lovely white daises blossom in the spring.
Sammy is always the picture of elegance. His luscious blonde locks swoop
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He always has a fascinating story to recall or a hilarious joke to tell. When he speaks, his voice rings with the melodious clang of gleaming church bells, rising and falling with an eager excitement that is pleasing to listen to. Sammy has a determined, unfaltering stride that is comparable to that of Zeus. His actions are measured with admirable sensitivity and gentleness. Sammy is adored for his concern for others; nothing he says would leave a nasty taste in anyone’s mouth. As time goes by, his friendships with the underprivileged people north of town are more noticeable. Everyone knew that Sammy’s compassion could gain him any friend, but why should he interact with those of the lower class? Through the townspeople’s golden eyes, his marvelous stature is polluted by their repulsive demeanor. Sammy White becomes an object of disdain. Not long after he turns eighteen, a tumor is discovered in his heart, and Sammy is diagnosed with cardiac cancer. As Sammy’s heart deteriorates, his strong frame becomes weak, his twinkling eyes are now black pits, his handsome smile is faded, his radiant skin loses its luster, and his pleasant voice is barely heard. The townspeople have completely turned their backs on him; the raging jealousy they secretly held him in is now apparent. Sammy’s sparkling wholesomeness and decency towards everyone can never be discredited. Sammy dies shortly before his nineteenth birthday as a