Descriptive Essay: The Bass River Golf Course

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As I set foot upon the freshly cut blades of grass that carpet the first tee box, the Bass River Golf Course has begun yet again to overcome me. It overpowers my mind, both in thought and in emotion, which soon leads to reminiscing of the past, present, and future.
As I pick my head up from placing my Titleist golf ball on the tee, I soon see the layout of the course ahead of me. I wipe off the dew from touching the ground beneath my tee and look to each my left and my right. To each side there are straight edge tree lines, although diverse in nature. The white pine and white oak trees dominate the forestry while a few gray birch trees populate the remaining gaps. In between the tree lines lie trimmed grass. Ranging in color, the long rough resembles a deep pine green while the low cut fairways protrude a lime green. The fairways themselves are checkered due to the morning mowers pathway. As I pear farther down the course I see the solid yellow pin waving slightly in the wind, enough to see the number of the hole outlined in thick black markings. On most days, the bright sun seems to enjoy casting a vibrant glare on the entire course, even in the early morning. On other days, the shoreline carries an eerie mist of fallen clouds that spreads from one corner of the eye to the next. One constant is the slight breeze that is noticeable on the skin originating from the shoreline, taking away a bit of the overwhelming from the constant heat. The breeze also contains a hint of the Atlantic’s salt water, just enough to capture the calm
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The straight edges of the fairways, the freshly trimmed grass, as well as the tamed sand bunkers, all help to create a perception of perfection in the landscape. Thus transcending into a sense of tranquility and peace. The emotions granted to me by the golf course creates a very close similarity to those felt at my childhood