Descriptive Essay: The Big Game

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The Big Game

Have you ever broken a bone in your body? The night before the game, I did not get much sleep and was stressed out. Knowing coming all this way into the finals if we lose that our hard work would go down the drain. We were all pumped and ready for the big game the next day. At the end of the day it was worth breaking my foot to win the game.
It was the morning of the big game and we were ready. When I got up I was surprised with snow how much snow there was on the ground. The game was early in the morning so we were all tired. All of a sudden when we were driving, we saw people slipping and sliding of the roads since the roads were so icy. After we finally got there, no one was there, not even the refs. When ten minutes past a couple people started showing up. An hour after the game start was supposed to start, everyone arriving and the game finally started. The games was off and the first goal came quick by the other team.
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We got water and headed back onto the field for the second quarter. During the second quarter, there were many goals. The first one came from my teammate, named Nate scoring from half way. Quickly after that happened the other team scored. My team started losing confidence and they scored again making it 3-1. My team and I went into the third quarter not so confident.
My teammate Ryan said, “Lets go its not over till it's over.”
I was thinking stay forced and let's win this game. I was tripped up in the box and won a penalty kick. I lined up for the kick and scored hitting the ball of the post into the goal, making it 3-2.
My teammate said “Nice penalty kick RJ.”
After a few minutes, the other team scored 2 more goals which made it 5-2 going into the last quarter.
My couch gave us a pep talk saying “Let's work our hardest for the last 15 minutes.” “We did not come this far to lose it