Descriptive Essay: The Big Game Of Kansas City Royals

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The Big Game

Last summer I went to a Professional Baseball game. The team I went to watch and cheer for was the Kansas City Royals. They are the closest team for me to watch and have been my favorite team ever since I was a little kid. The game was a sell out game and the stands were packed. It was one of the biggest games of the year so it made it even more intense. There were thousands of fans from all over yelling and cheering them on. It was the coolest game I have ever been too.

The Kansas City Royals are a professional baseball team from Kansas City Missouri. I have live an hour north of there so I have always watched and cheered for the Royals. When I found out we had tickets to go to such a big game I was thrilled and very excited. We woke up early to try and beat the rush to get good parking but that didn’t work very well. When we got to the stadium people were already pulling in and there was already a line waiting to get into the parking lot. There were so many people trying to get to the game. We waited for quite awhile longer and when we finally got parked we walked on into the stadium. We got into the stadium and just looked around at how big the stadium was and how many people there were just walking around.

I knew there were a lot of people at the game but once it started the announcer announced that the game
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The game was very close the whole time and was really exciting. The crowd was really getting into it and got louder and louder as the game went on. I'm sure if you were standing outside the stadium or even wasn’t very close at all you would've still been able to hear all of the yelling. I had never been to anything where there were so many people all cheering and yelling for the same thing. It was awesome to be at a game where all the people were cheering for their team so