Descriptive Essay: The Game Of Football

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Slowly walking, in the zone, with eyes straightforward; I have only one thing on my mind walking out of that stadium tunnel and that is playing football. The crowd roars like a revving engine as our team rushes the field. Excited and anxious as a rookie and playing my first ever NFL game I soak in every moment. With butterflies fluttering in my stomach the team and I run on to the filed for the first drive as a defense. Blow for blow, back and forth both teams play magnificently as if this was Thrilla in Manila. As the game slowly ticks away it comes down to the last seconds of the forth quarter. We are up by field goal and the opponents have it on their own fifty-yard line. They have only one choice, a hail mary. Beat up and exhausted our defensive takes the field one last time, and this is it. “Set, Hut,” the quarterback catches the snap, drops back and wails the ball into the end zone. The ball heading towards me and I swat the ball down with authority like an annoying fly at Thanksgiving dinner. “ERRRRRRR,” the scoreboard hits zero and it’s game over! My teammates raise me on their shoulders to celebrate and this feeling of winning my first NFL game was ineffable. “ERRRRRR,” but this time it sounded different, I soon realize it’s my alarm clock waking me up for school, and just like that …show more content…
Researchers estimate that between 1.6 and 3.8 million sports related concussion occur each year in the United States.5,19 Of all sports, football accounts for the highest incidence of concussion, and therefore receives the most attention.34 One of the leading thoughts to minimize the incidence of concussion in football is to limit players’ exposure to head impacts.9 Strategies to reduce a player’s exposure to head impact include teaching proper tackling techniques and mod- ifying the rules of the