Descriptive Essay: The Hunger Games

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After an unknown apocalyptic event, North America is left shattered and in chaos. The government is destroyed and life becomes unbearable. It was not until the citizens of Pancakes reunified North America back into a nation. The country was sliced into 13 distinct districts and one main capital. Each district specifically providing ingredients to the main capital and the inhabitants develop different culinary skills to prepare their District’s ingredient. The Districts are ranked from the more influential to the least influential power based on their ingredient quality. One day, the 13th District challenged the main capital to a cook-off. The challenge was to cook a 5-course meal that would incorporate their District’s ingredients as the main …show more content…
Katnip is sent onto the main stage. Alongside Katnip, Pita was seen on the other side the stage. Katnip's first challenge was to cook a restaurant quality American style burger. All the district Tripes are sent into the Backyard where the Tripes have to complete certain tasks in order to get the ingredients they want. As soon as Katnip enters she has to use a bow to shoot three birds out of the sky. The prized ingredient would be quality steak meat. She quickly strings the bow and accurately shoots random birds one by one. She goes deeper into the Backyard in search of other ingredients. She sees a task symbol indicating Lettuce but all of a sudden, District 3’s male Tripe, Spam, comes out of nowhere and swiftly throws a spear at Katnip. She dodges just enough for the spear to barely scrape her left arm. Katnip retaliates by shooting an arrow and aiming for the tree behind his head to deter him from engaging in battle with her. With that, Spam ducks as the arrow whistle through the air and hit the tree with a dunk! Spam looks up and realizes that Katnip is nowhere to be seen. He leaves the premises and Katnip emerged from between the hidden canopy of the trees. With the arrow as the distraction, she had climbed up the tree to get out of his sights. Finally, she could start the Lettuce challenge. She planned to finish it quickly to make up for the lost