Descriptive Essay: The People Of Pickensville

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In Wyoming away from all the highways and only can be reached by an old dilapidated highway that could use some work, is little town with a population of 656 people. The town lies between Wyoming Range and Wind River Range. It was right on the border of Sublette county and Fremont, and consequently county claimed them. The land leading to the town is surrounded by a beautiful sea of green in the summer. However, one meets a grove of trees that block the town from one’s sight. You probably would miss it even if you went down that highway thinking you missed a turn. The folks of the town are rectitude and there is very little criminal activities that happen in the town.Going by those trees lead you down Main Street welcomed by a sign that read …show more content…
They practically would give you the shirt of their back if you needed it. The friendliest of the town would be the Mayor, if a new person appeared in town he personally would introduce himself and talk to you like a long lost friend. Everyone in town treated you like a family member. The kids in the town could be seen must of the time running around explore the woods next to the town. When the kids weren't running around and exploring they went to the local school. It was a jolly time in this town especially when summer rolled around. This meant it was time for Cornival a made up holiday that the town held every August 6th. Cornival may seem silly to some, but it is tradition. It commemorated the founding of the town on the 6th. At this point, when August 6th come around everyone drops what they are doing and head to Main Street, where they have all kinds of corn related activities, notably competitions of corn eating, corn shucking, and corn tossing. The Mayor always before the start of the festival talks about how he was little and remembers the festival and how great it was. The corn mascot corny the corn comes on the stage and takes a picture with the Mayor. Ordinarily, every day was enjoyable in the town of