Descriptive Essay: The Perfect Place In Texas

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I close my eyes for a few seconds and witness my exceptionally desired setting. I feel as if I am in an entirely new location, yet an incredibly familiar sight. I stand in the most amazing place—almost feels like a miracle. This spectacular place always brings enormous elation and a grin of satisfaction; therefore, I shut my eyes tighter to avoid the slightest glimpse to fade.
This place is truly memorable to me. This is the place where my eyes first saw the light as I entered this world, where I grew up and is a part of my childhood. This place also holds the people that I love dearly and holds the most amazing recollections. Even though this spot is a few blocks from the murky waters of the Rio Grande, personally, it is the most delightful town in Texas.
Laredo is a highly populated town and the traffic is excessive due to it being a neighboring
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This home is not a mansion with a private Jacuzzi in every bathroom and walk-in closets in each bedroom. The walls are not adorned with exorbitant stones and the floors or countertops are not embellished with marble. The back yard does not possess an in-ground swimming pool. And the address is not in an affluent or prestigious neighborhood.
This home provides a warm and cozy feeling in every bedroom. The kitchen is ample to cook mouthwatering meals and a spacious living room area to accommodate friends and family in a delightful time. The spacious back yard is grounds to the finest decorations of all time—pecan and orange trees. This is where my dad and I created indelible images of our priceless moments together as we picked fruit and chatted.
Perhaps the population would consider this place to be somewhat unappealing, yet to me it is the place I dream to be. This place holds many precious treasures that I will cherish forever. This place is where I find peace and true happiness. This place is where I yearn to one day return… this place is my dream