Descriptive Essay: The Vietnam War

Words: 911
Pages: 4

The clicking and clacking of the guns accompanied by the deep, rapid pounding of hearts filled the daunting silence of perhaps our last weapon check together. It was never an order not to speak but a silent prayer to God, asking him to watch over us and save us from the wicked hell. Not one comrade spoke a word of the fiery storm of steel, nor the howls from our brothers who had been lost to it last night.
“Boys,” Sergeant Joe brought us all back to the present with his gentle voice, “we hold bruises, and we hold scars. But we also hold hope and determination which they can never take from us!” voice now raised, he brought some passion into the squad. “Determination wins the battle. And with it, we have already won! We will survive to see the end of this godforsaken track.” Tone turned from triumphant to sombre, he reminded us, “Keep your wits about you. Keep your mind on the job. Look out for each other.” He stopped and looked around at each soldier
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A defeated team. Together they laid in their pitiless, shallow graves all silent and still. I struggled to pull myself out from the cover of the log. Watching them all lifeless ahead of me along the solemn path made me feel so helpless and lonely, like an orphaned puppy left to die after its mother had perished. Trees that once stood proud wilted as though they too felt the pain and the soft, smooth soil was now chopped up and scattered. Colours of rich scarlet bloomed like flowers on the countless khaki uniforms. Nothing moved. Everything had melted in the heat of battle and now everyone was gone but me. My ears rang and the smell of smoke and burned metal lingered in the air. A fire had been set off in my body and my gaping stomach wound continued to flow a river of crimson. I could taste salty metal in my mouth from the mixture of tears, sweat and blood. I sobbed, wanting them to come back and kill me so I could sleep forever with my boys. I’d now given up on hope because I was already dead