Descriptive Fishing Place

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In October, I find my favorite place of serenity in the woods of Tamarack. Tamarack Ranch is an almost 12,000-acre state wildlife area located 35 miles northeast of Sterling, Colorado near the tiny town of Crook. Just off of Highway 38, an inconspicuous muddy trail leads to the goat head infested parking area.
A dense stand of bare trees surrounds the parking area with a carpet of dull gold leaves. Coolness under the trees allows the morning dew to linger and freshen the air. No set path exists, so I delve directly into the brush. Knee-high grass hides secretive snakes that wind through the dry, yellowing strands. Wild rabbits disturb the quiet by rustling carelessly through the brush. White spotted spiders climb unnoticed from the slender blades and creep across my covered arms. The wild parts of the forest separate me from the demanding world. The thick brush and trees soon subside, and a clearing comes into view.
Towards the east, a waist-deep pond teems with activity. Hideous, wart covered toads croak while hopping in and out of the pond. Dragonflies dart weightlessly over the clear water in an iridescent blur. Even the water is in constant motion, as gentle waves lap the shore. A strong gust rustles dry leaves, uncovering unusual toadstools and rare
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The river, that escaped its banks in the spring, has diminished to just a trickle at the bottom of the mostly dry riverbed. White, smooth seashells lie carelessly under the sand, occasionally peeking out, asking me to collect them. A deer trail leads through the sand drawing me deeper onto the riverbed. Piles of dead branches and tree trunks litter the river bottom memorializing the strength of the spring runoff. At the end of the day, shades of pink, orange, and purple overtake the sky as the sun gives into