Essay about Descriptive: Hunt Seat and Princess Jewel

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The first day I saw her, she was bobbing and weaving through a swarm of hungry vulture like creatures that were all racing toward the bucket of grain in my hand. Trotting through the field she seemed weightless, each stride pushing her closer to me. Her shinny blonde mane floated along her stocky neck, and her long wavy tail quickly trailed behind. Almost as if she were dipped in gold paint, she was a golden yellow with a few white spots hidden on her under belly and white markings on her legs, making it look like she is wearing socks. Her name is Jewel, and judging by her demanding, high maintenance needs Princess Jewel is a much better fit. Like opening a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to bite into, her personality is exactly the same! You can walk out into the pasture one day and slip the halter right on her head and lead her away like a puppy dog. Other days she runs circles around you anywhere from five minutes to an hour with her head held high in the air. Or with her head between front legs and her heals over her head like a bucking bronco. Not only is she picky about being caught in the pasture; she’s extremely picky when it comes to treats. Not just any apple will do, it must be the juiciest, brightest, crunchiest apple of them all. She doesn’t eat ordinary horse treats either. They must be the most palatable treats available. Although she seems to be as irrational as they may come, with her I have grown and learned so many